What is the brainstorm section for?

The place to make suggestions for Cobber. Suggestions are encouraged but may not be used.
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What is the brainstorm section for?

Post by Michael_AU » Sat Jun 27, 2015 12:16 pm

The Brainstorm section of this forum is for you, Cobber users, to post what you would like to see in Cobber.

Your suggestions may give other Cobber community members ideas of how to make your suggestions a reality. Your suggestions may also encourage professional developers to take part in the creation of new packages that fulfil your needs.

Brainstorm does not have to be limited to packages but can include other suggestions that help Cobber spread.
Here are some suggestions:
1. Form local Cobber User Groups (CUG) in your country, state, city, town, and spread the news of Cobber. (Remember the Cobber community is family friendly and safe for work and the rules of the Cobber community sites will apply to each CUG and its members). If you do create a CUG please let us know and I will post contact details of your CUG in the forum and on the cobber website.
2. Have Cobber install days where you can meet other Cobber users and show the benefits of Cobber to people who are looking for something different yet easy to use.
3. Have Cobber Translation events where you join with other Cobber community members and translate the various Desktop Environments and/or applications into your local language. (I'd really love to see an Australian Creole, Maori, Pidgin English, and other native languages, translation of Cobber so we can encourage a wider group of people to use Cobber). If you want help setting up translation teams send me a message and we can work together.
4. If you have developer friends encourage them to take part in Open Source development and more specifically the development of Cobber.

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