Welcome Cobber

Welcome to Cobber-Linux.org the home of Cobber Linux. Cobber Linux, or just Cobber, is a uniquely Australasian distibution of Linux and is built on the solid foundations of Debian. This site has been developed as a central point for all information about Cobber. As Cobber expands in popularity the site will expand and become a community hub for all things Cobber.Please take time to read this, plus the links (internal and external) provided, to gain a better understanding of the purpose of CobberLinux.

What is CobberLinux (Cobber for short)?

Cobber is a project to create a uniquely Australasian/Pacific version of Linux. Cobber is based on Debian and uses DebianLive to build a LiveDVD/LiveUSB system including installer.

How much does Cobber cost?

Nothing, it is/will be free and will always remain free if you download it. I intend to provide DVD and/or USB media with Cobber on it and because I am (currently) the only person here I will need to charge for media and postage.

What's in a name? Why did you call it Cobber?

Cobber is a Australian colloquialism (or slang word) that simply means friend. Friends are people, or things, we are comfortable with and it is my hope that you will be comfortable with Cobber.

Why is Cobber based on Debian? Why not another Linux distro?

This is a really good question and one that deserves an answer. In my time using Linux I have tried and used quite a few distributions and have found Debian to be the most stable while also having the largest repository of available software. Debian's package management system (called apt) is also easy to learn and use.

Why can't I just use Debian?

You can, there is nothing stopping you at all. The reason I created Cobber is I wanted an Australasian specific distribution. Debian is an international distribution and it comes with many things (e.g.language packs) that we don't need in Australasia. I have spent some time translating various Desktop Environments (MATE and XFCE so far) and programs (Pidgin Messenger) into Australian English because the words used in Australasia are slightly different to British English and the spelling in American English is different as well.

How is Cobber uniquely Australasian?

The intent of Cobber is to provide a Linux system that suits Australian, New Zealand, Papua New Guinean, and South Pacific Island users without containing unnecessary bloat (e.g. translations such as American English that are not required or academically correct for the country/culture). While this will take time it is hoped that each country/culture group can develop translations that suits the national and cultural languages of the peoples using Cobber. The intention is to produce a LiveDVD and LiveUSB installer with the appropriate localisation settings (e.g. timezone, area, keyboard, languages) already in place allowing users a quick and easy installation.

Cobber is the first Linux distro, feel free to provide proof that I am incorrect if you can, that encourages work translating upstream. Doing this helps all Linux users not just end users of Cobber. While our aim is to produce a uniquely Australasian Linux we also believe in giving other Linux users the choice to use Australasian translations in their preferred distro.

What versions of Cobber will be available?

For the Australian edition there will be 1 major version and various testing versions. It is expected that each countries edition users will name its versions. The Cobber (Australian edition) dists are:

You are welcome to contact me and make suggestions or to discuss how you can help make Cobber a stable and successful operating system.