Migrating from Windows

As you will be well aware support for Windows XP has ended. Many people used Windows XP right to the end of its support and are still using it. Unfortunately this is a bad idea, especially if you connect to the internet, and means your computers security will over time degrade. What can you do about it? Migrate your systems to Cobber! Why? Cobber is free, and always will be, Cobber has no licence fees, Cobber is easily transferable and installable on multiple computers (trying doing that legally with 1 copy of Windows) withnout the need to use a key that is intended for only 1 computer. If you have any concerns about compatable programs please check the chart at the end of this page to see if programs you regularly use have similar programs in Linux and what they are called.

Home use

Linux is perfect for home use, and even for home office use. It is a full featured operating system with programs that are comparable to programs available in Windows and Mac.


Linux is used by major business' around the world. It is also the most used operating system for servers.


Linux is perfect for education because of the wide range of programs available for all levels of education. Cobber, through Debian, has Education meta packages which downlaods and installs a wide variety of programs for various subjects, abilities, and age groups. Please check the programs list for details.


Governments around the world are migrating to Linux and over time saving money because Linux is free and does not require license fees to be paid.

What programs are available to replace my Windows programs?

Linux has a wide variety of programs that are equal to the proprietary Windows programs you already use. Please look at the table below to see what is available to replace your current Windows programs

Windows Linux
Internet Explorer Iceweasel/Firefox

Flash PepperFlash (Google Chrome only)

HTML5 compatible browsers that do not require Flash
BGInfo Conky
Apple QuickTime VLC Media Player
CCCP Video Codec Pack VLC Media Player

Gstreamer Codecs
Microsoft .net Mono
Microsoft SilverLight Mono Moonlight
Microsoft Office LibreOffice
Microsoft Outlook Mozilla Thunderbird/Iceape
7zip ark
Dia Dia
Freemind Freemind
Google Earth Google Earth
Google SketchUp Blender
GeoGebra GeoGebra
Apple iTunes Amarok

Audacity Audacity
Tux Guitar Tux Guitar
Debut Video Recorder Record My Desktop

Celtx Celtx
Scratch Scratch
Hover Cam (Express/Flex) Cheese

You are welcome to contact me and make suggestions or to discuss how you can help make Cobber a stable and successful operating system.